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In August, the Annenberg Foundation awarded BikeVentura a $10,000 unrestricted grant to continue our work in Ventura County. This was part of their small grants program, for nonprofits with annual budgets under $200,000. They said “We greatly value the work you are doing in your community to ensure transportation equity. BikeVentura’s education programs and Bike HUB is very much aligned with our commitment to diversity and equity, and we appreciate how the programs are targeted toward low-income, underserved communities.”

BikeVentura earned this grant by showing our programs impact many lives, and with a very small budget. We want to grow so that we can bring our programs in full force to the whole county, and this grant will help us build an organization that’s prepared to do so. Imagine a budget twice as large for BikeVentura and what we could do:

  1. A Bike HUB in Oxnard open 5 days a week
  2. Bike Rodeos for kids in Santa Paula, Fillmore, Piru, and Camarillo
  3. 6th Grade Bike Safety Education in Oxnard
  4. An advocacy staff member dedicated to attending meetings, distilling policy decisions and organizing the cycling community around making biking safer for everyone.
  5. Health Insurance for our Staff 
If you share our vision, and want to see BikeVentura’s work grow. Join today as a member. Your membership gets you cool benefits, but also you’re supporting our tireless efforts to work for you. 


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